How To: Make a Mint Julep
May 3, 2016
How To: Make a Mint Julep

With Derby Day just around the corner, Beverage Director Amanda Reed has been busy replacing cold-weather cocktails with spring libations. New additions include, Aubry Robinson’s Gold Soundz, which includes, White Port, Lemongrass infused Oleo-Saccharum, Black Pepper, Lemon and Fig Bitters, as well as Courtney Randell’s Le Rêve, a spring inspired martini play with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Dry Vermouth, Calvados and Pamplemousse.

Most recently, though, Reed has applied her expertise to that classic Kentucky Derby drink: the mint julep. For all of us who have tried our own hand at this beverage and found something inexplicable is missing, Reed has the solution: rough handling of the mint. Here’s her classic mint julep recipe and advice for adding a modern twist.


Derby Day Mint JulepMint Julep

2.5 oz Bourbon
0.5 oz Simple Syrup
10 Mint Leaves
Garnish: Sprig of mint and powdered sugar

Place the mint and the simple syrup in a julep tin, or a 12oz bucket glass, and muddle. Add crushed or cracked ice. Pour bourbon over ice, give it a quick swizzle with a bar spoon, then top with more crushed ice.

Garnish with mint sprig—slapping the mint first to release oils for aroma—then finish by sprinkling powdered sugar over the top.


Mint Julep with a Modern Twist
For a modernized play on the classic mint julep, top with Angostura Bitters. Along with the powdered sugar this will give the cocktail a snow cone like appearance, and will add earth and spice flavors for depth of flavor.


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