Keen on the Tomato Nectarine Pairing
July 16, 2019
Keen on the Tomato Nectarine Pairing

Heartwood Provisions’ seasonally inspired menu is in full bloom! It is bursting with summer delicacies perfectly paired with beverages designed to complete and enhance their flavors. Beverage Director Reed and Chef Cosway share their thought process on their Tomato Nectarine Salad and beverage pairing.

 “When questioned what my favorite thing to eat is, salad usually is my answer. I have always been a fan. When I think of salad, it’s not the classic Caesar salad that comes to mind; my go-to salads are usually chunky vegetables, toppings galore with different textures and flavors. Think beets, nuts, cheese, crispy bits, good olive oil, good acid, and a slight crunch from flake sea salt.

I am currently featuring an Heirloom tomato and Nectarine salad with House Made Buttermilk Ricotta, Thai basil, Fried Croutons, and a Sherry Smoked Olive Oil Vinaigrette. This salad really developed around the ricotta. I love ricotta. In Italy, at the Mercato Di San Lorenzo, there are stall after stall of cheesemongers, always with a huge heaping mound of ricotta in the display case. When I lived in Italy, on my day off, I would pick up some ricotta, local tomatoes, a baguette, a delicious bottle of Sangiovese and find a quaint spot in the Boboli Gardens. This salad evokes memories of Italy. It is elevated by the bounty of our Northwest summer & Amanda’s cocktail; the perfect pairing for this summer salad.” — Chef Cosway

Beverage Pairing

 “The beverage pairing for the Tomato Nectarine salad is a play on summer! The blanco tequila plays very well with stone fruit and creates a fresh base; Amaro Nonino is a softer style Italian amaro with notes of lavender, thyme, and rosemary that works beautifully with the ricotta and sherry vinegar; chamomile syrup provides sweetness to match that of the fruit and fresh lemon juice pulls all the flavors together and create balance and brightness.” — Beverage Director Reed

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