Holiday Punch Recipe | A Beverage Tradition to Share
December 6, 2016
Holiday Punch Recipe | A Beverage Tradition to Share

While everyone else is trying to decide what Washington wine to pair with their favorite holiday dish, we suggest you spend some time putting together a punch.

Punch is the great equalizer. It’s something everyone from Uncle Joe (still muddy from the late morning pickup game) to perfectly-put-together Aunt Mary, in her elbow length tea gloves, can appreciate. A good punch brings people together, forces them to congregate, and stimulates conversation. As an added bonus, this beverage is great for the host. It can be assembled in advance and iced down just before guests arrive. No corks to pop, no endless shaking and stirring to be performed.

Granted, when we suggest punch for the holiday we’re not talking about the boozy bathtub concoction of misspent youth. Rather, we’re proposing a delicious, lower-in-alcohol brew that let guests gently imbibe and not end up on their lips before the first slice of rib roast hits the plate.

“For the bar nerds out there, punch is the Hindi word for 5 and each punch stays true to this by having 5 traditional ingredients: A strong alcohol comportment combined with a weaker one plus sweet, sour and spice”, says Matt.

Heartwood Provisions own Matt Collette brewed up a unique perfect beverage for a holiday get together.


Holiday Punch Recipe - Best Christmas Cocktails - Champagne Punch - Winter Holiday PunchWelcome Punch

18 oz Gin
17 oz Water
18 oz Aquavit
12 oz Lime
18 oz Champagne
12 oz Orgeat
6 oz Cumber Juice

*May be assembled in advance and then iced down 20 minutes before serving. Garnish with cucumber wheels and edible flowers.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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