September 29, 2015
Inspired Contemporary American Food & Beverage | Building Heartwood Provisions

Spend enough time in the Pacific Northwest culinary scene and it’s soon apparent; Seattle has one of the most unique, complex, and varied palates in the U.S.  Here, we view dinnertime as social hour, dining as an extension of our local identity, and local forests and waterways as our own personal farms. We as Northwesterners use it all: Putting crab in our breakfasts and rosemary in our cocktails.

Heartwood Provisions Restaurant Seattle | Beverage Director Amanda Reed & Chef Varin Keokitvon

Beverage director Amanda Reed next to Chef Varin Keokitvon.

After one year of planning, collaborating, developing, we’re excited to launch a restaurant that removes the barrier between dining room and bar. We wanted to stop speaking of the culinary experience as “food AND drink”, but “food WITH drink”. Actually, if we could create a word that combined the two, we would.

What this means is that when Heartwood Provisions opens (Early winter 2016), traditional pairings — white wine with salmon, red wine with beef, beer with chili — are going by the wayside. Instead, we’re “creating” custom selected flavors as a part of one meal. There will be handcrafted beverages uniquely prepared for the dish they are to be served with. We want to explore what flavors and textures mean to each other, and why.

Building a restaurant around this idea has been an exciting challenge (Imagine all of the taste testing we had to do. Terrible, isn’t it?). But since our goal is to create a different kind of dining experience, we’ve spent months in the kitchen happily exploring the furthest reaches of our collective palates. Until we open our doors and join the Pacific Northwest culinary scene, we look forward to sharing our interpretation of Contemporary American, here — from favorite ingredients to behind the scenes looks at the building of our restaurant, our menu, team, and more.

Heartwood Provisions is scheduled to open late early winter 2016. Follow us here as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay on top of our progress and scheduled opening.