Choose Your Own Adventure
October 1, 2019
Choose Your Own Adventure

As the cocktail scene continues to evolve, the trend towards moderation and low proof libations is on the rise. Beverage Director Amanda Reed is no stranger to lower proof offerings, frequently utilizing vermouth and other fortified ingredients as a focus on her cocktail menus. Why the shift from distilled spirits? Reed finds that full proof cocktails are often too powerful to pair. Vermouth works great to lengthen a drink, while also adding delicate floral and herbaceous notes. This low-proof ingredient not only contributes to many of our pairing drinks, but is often used to balance higher proof spirits on our house cocktails and most recently showcased neat in a tasting flight to pair with our charcuterie and cheese board.

“I like to describe the vermouth flight as an opportunity to ‘choose your own adventure’. Since pairing is subjective, it’s fun to let the guests decide which vermouth they think pairs best with the various charcuterie and cheese selections. This experience creates conversation and encourages engagement.

As far as our current flight selection goes, I think that the Carpano Bianco, with its floral and citrus notes, works really well with the drier style cheese. The St. Raphaël Doré, which is a Spanish amber vermouth that has great buttery texture, works well to compliment the pate and creamier styles of cheese. Our house blended red blend, is a combination of three brands of sweet vermouth: one that is soft and floral, one that is dark fruited and bitter and one with spice complexity, this blend tends to compliment spicy, cured meat”

Our current Vermouth Pairing Flight is available for enjoyment on the dinner menu, with the Chef’s Charcuterie and Cheese Board. This culinary delight is paired with a selction of three 1.5 oz pours: Carpano Bianco, St. Raphaël Doré and our House Blended Red Vermouth. Choose your own adventure with us, one flight at a time.

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